• A White House Butler Remembers

    Posted on by Robert Nedelkoff

    Today’s Washington Post has a front-page feature by Wil Haygood, the biographer of Sammy Davis Jr. and Adam Clayton Powell, which tells the story of Eugene Allen, an octogenarian resident of Northwest DC who, from 1952 to his retirement in 1986, was a butler at the White House, where he served eight Presidents from Truman […]

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  • MoreOftheSame.gov

    Posted on by Jack Pitney

    Critics accused the Old Man of sometimes using government resources for political purposes.  The practice did not exactly start in 1969, nor did it end in 1974.  The President-elect has now taken it into the Internet Age.  His official transition website (change.gov) has this invitation on its homepage: The story of this campaign is your […]

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  • 1968: Lyndon, Dick, and Billy

    Posted on by David R. Stokes

    Forty years ago, in the wake of the hard-fought 1968 presidential election, the nation faced what many assumed would be a turbulent transition. But it did not turn out that way. Whatever happened later, the country moved from what had been the one of the most divisive campaigns in our history, to a comparatively calm […]

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  • No More Calls Please — We Have A Winner

    Posted on by Frank Gannon

    After a great deal of discussion and speculation, we finally have the answer: Barack Obama is the New Nixon. The clincher?  I’ll let Anthony Holden tell you in his own words from today’s Daily Beast: Among the countless blessings conferred by the election of Barack Obama is the energizing fact—until now little-known—that poker will be […]

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  • Andrew Sullivan's Malignity In Victory

    Posted on by John H. Taylor

    Andrew Sullivan continues to savage Sarah Palin. He erred in republishing the transparent lie that she wasn’t Trig’s mother, which proved to be the most effective libel of the 2008 campaign. As recently as election day, he was keeping the lie alive. So he is fully vested in her political demise. The GOP must nonetheless […]

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