• A Final Salute to General Eisenhower

    Posted on by Chris Barber

    Today marks 46 years since the passing of one of the greatest Americans of all — Dwight “Ike” D. Eisenhower. A man revered for his love of family and country, the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during World War II achieved throughout his life the highest of honors and stature while gaining the unconditional trust of […]

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  • Lincoln Republicans

    Posted on by Alex Marshburn

    The polarizing rhetoric in presidential candidate Barry Goldwater’s 1964 acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention left the Republican Party torn between his and Governor Rockefeller’s loyalists. Months later, Goldwater lost in a landslide defeat to Lyndon Johnson due to a lack of support from Republicans who had been alienated by his words at the […]

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  • Planning the Surprise – Media and the Trip to China

    Posted on by Tatumn Walter

    Often termed “The Week that Changed the World,” President Nixon’s 1972 trip to China was founded upon intense planning. Geopolitics were at the fore, but society’s reaction to the trip formed a complementary component, and great strategy went into determining the role of the media. As President Nixon writes in his memoirs, “Despite the almost […]

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  • Support from General Abrams

    Posted on by Chris Barber

    At the onset of 1969, the Nixon administration had yet to form a definitive plan to bring peace to Vietnam, largely as a result of the North Vietnamese’s continued intransigence and a time period occupied by necessary fact gathering and policy option studies. This period was quickly disrupted by developments in Vietnam. In a deliberate test […]

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  • The Nixon Space Doctrine

    Posted on by Chris Barber

    President Nixon with Apollo 11 astronauts, left to right, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin, through the window of the Mobile Quarantine Facility aboard the USS Hornet. (July 24, 1969) Richard Nixon assumed the office of the presidency at the height of America’s space program. He presided over the National Aeronautic Space Agency’s (NASA) […]

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